You will begin receiving messages the day after you enroll in the program.

Nope! All you need to do is complete the enrollment survey to join the program.

It is possible that your phone plan is blocking short numbers, like 53016. Try texting the word HELP to the number 53016. If you do not receive a response, you may need to contact your carrier.

Up to two messages a day.

There is no extra cost beyond your current plan with your carrier. The web pages use very little data.

We guarantee there is no extra cost beyond your current plan with your carrier.

You can access the links from a phone, a tablet or a PC – anything that can connect to the Internet.

You can access the pages via Wi-Fi. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi and must use data, these pages use very little data and will not have a big impact on your data usage.

Text the word “STOP” to 53016.

The system doesn’t care if it is upper or lower case.  Do not include the quotes. Do not include anything else in the message.

All information is used only for this program. It is completely private and not shared with anyone outside of this program.

The only way to see the web pages and videos is to click the link. It is not a requirement, but you’ll get more out of the program if you do.